1998 Graduate Laerm Award Winners

The first recipients of the Joshua Laerm Award were announced in December, 1998. The graduate student award went to Alissa K. Salmore of the Institute of Ecology. Salmore was awarded $500.

Ms. Salmore's title was "Are the Ant-Plant Interactions of Bloodroot Mediated by Genes or Environment? The Chemical Ecology of Sanguinaria canadensis (Papavaraceae) in the Southern Appalachian Mountains." Salmore was a student of Dr. Mark Hunter at the Institute of Ecology and her application was also supported by Dr. Joe McHugh of the Department of Entomology and the Georgia Museum of Natural History. Her objectives were to characterize the variation in S. canadensis alkaloid production and seed quality along an altitudinal gradient, to determine if the variation in alkaloid and lipid content can be attributed to genetic or environmental factors, and to determine if this variation affects ant behavior. The award augmented support for her summer research program.

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