2003 Graduate Laerm Award Winners

2003 Graduate Laerm Winner

The recipient of the 2003 Joshua Laerm Academic Support Award for Graduate Students is Scott Markwith, Department of Geography, who conducts his research under the direction of Dr. Kathleen C. Parker. Scott will use the funds to purchase restriction enzymes for use in his study of gene flow in the emergent aquatic macrophyte Hymenocallis coronoaria, the shoals spider lily. The shoals spider lily is an aquatic plant that occurs in shoal habitats in piedmont streams from Alabama to South Carolina but is absent from the middle portion of its range. The plant may be absent from a portion of its range because of habitat characteristics and land-use history. This project will not only explore gene flow in aquatic environments but will also provide information about the environmental needs of this rare plant that will be valuable to resource managers of the states in which it occurs.

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