2004 Graduate Laerm Award Winners

2004 Graduate Laerm Winner

The recipient of the 2004 Joshua Laerm Academic Support Award for Graduate Students is Rachel Spigler, Department of Plant Biology, who will conduct her research under the direction of Drs. Shumei Chang and Stephen Hubbell. Rachel studies the effects of population size and density on reproductive success in the herb Sabatia angularis L. (Gentianaceae) in Georgia and North Carolina. The study will add to the growing body of knowledge concerning the relationships among population size, density, inbreeding, plant performance and population growth. The study will contribute empirical data on the effect of inbreeding in wild populations which will be of interest to conservation biologists interested in inbreeding and the effects of genetic erosion on population dynamics of species of critical concern. This proposal represents an outstanding example of creative natural history research and the Georgia Museum of Natural History is pleased to contribute to its support.

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