Science Box Policies for Schools

  1. Schools may give the Georgia Museum of Natural History a deposit of $200 by check for the school year.
  2. Any teacher from that school will have borrowing privileges.
  3. The school is responsible for sending the museum a list of its teachers for reference that can be kept on file.
  4. Only four boxes may be loaned to that school at any one time.
  5. Teachers are responsible for the care of the boxes checked out in their name.
  6. Individual teachers from the schools must abide by the Museum policies and procedures written for teachers/individuals/small groups.
  7. Loss/damage fees accrued will be deducted from the school deposit. If they chose, the school will be responsible for collecting fees from the individual teacher that caused the damage.
  8. If loss/damage fees are deducted from the deposit, the school must pay the difference to maintain $200 for the rest of the school year. If $200 is not maintained, the teachers of that school will only be allowed to borrow as many boxes as the deposit can cover at $50 per box.
  9. If individual teachers from a school fail to abide by the policies and procedures, they may lose borrowing privileges.
  10. If multiple teachers from a school fail to abide by the policies and procedures, the school will lose its borrowing privileges. Individual teachers will then be responsible for their own deposits.
  11. Procedures for reservations, check out, and check in, will be the same as those outlined in the policies and procedures for teachers/individuals/small groups.

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