Archaeology Science Box Contents

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Pottery Paddle Fiber-tempered Pot
Freshwater Mussel Soapstone Bowl Fragment
Chipped Flint Scraper Whelk Shell Gorget
Grooved Stone Axe Chipped Flint Arrow Point
Chipped Flint Kirk Point Chipped Quartz Arrow Point
Savannah River Point Clam Shell Valves (2)
Quartz Morrow Mountain Points (2) Pottery Sherd 1000-800 (3)
Pottery Sherd Shell Beads (3)
Shell Pins (3) Chipped Flint Hand Drill
Shell Beads (3) Pottery Sherd 3000
Stamped Pottery Sherd Incised Pottery Sherd (3)
Box Turtle Plastron Deer Astragalus
Scraper Turkey Tarsometatarsus Fragment
Deer Antler Flaking or Punch Tool
Bone Hook Pottery Sherd
Cord Marked Pottery Sherd Savannah Check Pottery Sherd
Pottery Sherd Projectile Point
Morrow Mountain Projectile Point Clovis Projectile Point
Savannah River Projectile Point Projectile Point
Bowfin Skull Raw Lithic Materials
  a. Ridge and Valley Chart   b. Slate
  c. Quartz   d. Quartzite
  e. Coastal Plain Chart

The Archaeology Education Handbook: Sharing the Past with Kids The Cherokees – Past and Present
Digging into Archaeology Frontiers in the Soil: The Archaeology of Georgia
Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past

Plastic Containers w/sand & trinkets   a. B8
  b. D2   c. J10
  d. G4 Arch Tools: Scoop, Trowel, Brush, Sieve
Projectile Point Chart


Mark Williams DVD Archaeology CD, Archaeology Month Posters

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