Invertebrates Science Box Contents

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Insect Metamorphosis Set Insect Comparison Set
Enchinodermata Comparison Set Crustacean Comparison Set
Annelid Comparison Set Mollusca Comparison Set
Colenterate Comparison Set Invertebrate Study Set
  a. Grantia   b. Hydra (plain)
  c. Gonionemus (hydroid medusae)   d. Pacific cactus Coral
  e. Planaria (Dugesia sp.)   f. Sheep Tapeworm
  g. Pig Roundworm   h. Earthworm
  i. Freshwater Clam   j. Crayfish
  k. Lubber Grasshopper   l. Starfish
  m. Study Guide Kit Arachnid Collection
Crayfish Insect Leg Adaptation
Monarch Life History Insect Riker Mount
Ocean Invertebrate Collection   a. Oyster
  b. Conch   c. Coral
  d. Coral   e. Cockle
  f. Cockle   g. Snail
  h. Disk Dosinia   i. Eared Ark
  j. Spindle Shell   k. Chestnut Turban
  l. Scallop   m. Moon Snail
  n. Whelk   o. Clam
  p. Clam   q. Lettered Olive
Water Bug Damselfly
Water Strider Waterscorpion
Caddisfly Giant Water Scavenger Beetle

Atlantic Seashores Guide Eastern Butterflies Guide
First Guide to Butterfly & Moths (5) Insect Guide
First Guide to Insects (5) First Guide to Shells (5)
First Guide to Catipillars (5) Spineless Wonders
Eyewitness: Insects Insectlopedia
Water Insects

Monarch Butterfly Poster Magnifying Glasses (15)


Eyewitness Video: Insects Eyewitness Video: Butterflies & Moths

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