Vertebrates Science Box Contents

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Alligator Head Alligator Foot w/ skin
Alligator Skin Bobcat Skull
Mink Skull Porcupine Quills
Alligator Leg Deer Skull
Mammal Teeth Cow Molar (herbivore)
Canid Molar (carnivore) Carnivore canine
Audobon Bird Call Deer Call
Deer Foot Otter Foot
Turtle Skull Snake Skull +/or skeleton
Lumbar vertebrate collection Dog lumbar vertebrate
Sheep cervical vertebrate Marine mammal vertebrate
Rabbit fur Snake Skin
Little Brown Bat Skull Fox Foot
Fish skull Goldfinch wing & skull

Eyewitness Books: Amphibian Eyewitness Books: Reptile
Eyewitness Books: Mammal Eastern Birds
Freshwater Fishes Animal Tracks
Reptiles & Amphibians Mammals
First Guide To Birds (5) First Guide To Fishes (5)
First Guide To Mammals (5) First Guide To Reptiles & Amphibians
Alligators Whitetail For Kids
Snakes of Georgia & South Carolina Eyewitness: Skeleton
Animal Disguises Animal Defenses
GMNH Educational Notebook

Animal Tracks Poster Animal Tracks Card Games
Track Molds


Eyewitness Video: Mammal Eyewitness Video: Reptile
Eyewitness Video: Bear Eyewitness Video: Birds
Eyewitness Video: Fish Eyewitness Video: Amphibians
Talking About Sea Turtles

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