Geology Science Box Contents

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Find-a-Fossil Class Set   a. Bucket of fossils
  b. 5 sorting trays   c. Instruction guide
Introductory Fossil collection Fossil Display Pack
Find-a-Mineral Class Set   a. Bucket of minerals
  b. 5 sorting trays   c. Instruction guide
  d. Granite sample   e. Sandstone sample
  f. Gneiss sample Barite (1)
Kaolin (1) Biotite (1)
Bauxite (1) Pyrite (1)
Talc (1) Calcite (1)
Dolomite (1) Horneblende (1)
Magnetite (1) Quartz (1)
Gypsum (1) Olivine (1)
Halite (1) Limonite (1)
Muscovite (1) Gneiss (2)
Marble-pink (2) Marble-white (2)
Hornfels (2) Quartzite-pink (2)
Quartzite-white (2) Schist-mica (2)
Schist-horneblende (2) Breccia (2)
Dolomite (2) Banded Dolomite (2)
Coquina Limestone (2) Limestone (2)
Sandstone (2) Shale (2)
Andesite (2) Diabase (2)
Porphyritic Granite (2) Gray Granite (2)
Obsidian (2) Diorite (2)
Pumice (2) Rhyolite (2)
Rocks & Minerals ID Kit (6)   a. Glass Plate
  b. Streak Plate   c. Penny
  d. Nail   e. Magnifying Lens
  f. Magnet   g. Tweezers
Fossil Molds Kit Coal (2)

Rocks & Minerals Guide First Guide Rocks & Minerals (5)
Golden Guide to Fossils (4) Fossils Field Guide
Everybody Needs A Rock Magic School Bus Inside the Earth
Best book of Fossils, Rocks & Minerals

Geologic Time Poster


Eyewitness Video: Rocks & Minerals Celebrating 25 Years DVD

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