Birds Science Box Contents

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Northern Flicker, mounted Peach-faced Lovebird, mounted
Longitudinally cut femurs (2pairs) Box of bird skeletal remains
Rail skull Common Flicker skull
Hawk skull Goose (cover & wing feathers)
Loon skull Red Jungle Fowl
Hawk (cover, wing feathers) Mallard duck (cover, wing feathers)
Northern Oriole (cover, wing feathers) Yellow-shafted Flicker (cover, wing feathers)
Owl Feet Hawk Feet
Rail Feet Pheasant Feet
Duck Feet

Field Guide to Birds Coloring Book Amazing Birds
Birds of Prey Inside an Egg
Snowy the Barn Owl Zoobooks: Owls
Zoobooks: Parrots Bird Tales from Near & Far
Peterson First Guide (5)

Right Before Your Eyes Posters   a. Fitting The Bill
  b. Silent Night   c. Lube Job
  d. Looking or Listening   e. Asleep on the job
  (a-e) Owls Posters (5) Brooding on the Tundra Poster
Fandex Field Guide Cards Educational Guide (1 notebooks)


Birding By Ear CD's Eyewitness Video: Birds
The Life of Birds (DVD set)

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