Corn / Maize Science Box Contents

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Bighorse Spotted Black Mexican
Bloody Butcher Bloody Butcher (Rector Strain)
De-Aur-Le B5 How Corn Grows/Como Crece Green and Gold Dent
Hopi Blue Hopi Pink
Oaxacan Green Dent Papago Tribe
Peaches and Cream Pencil Cob
Peruvian Morado Podcorn
Six Nations Blue South American Popcorn
Trucker Favorite White Waltham
Hickory King Country Gentlemen
Virginia Gourdseed Corn Slides
  a. Branch Root Origin   b. Stem
  c. Leaf   d.Kernel and Embryo
Corn Genetics kit- contains:   a. 16 purple & yellow corn ears
  b. 1 purple parent corn ear   c. 1 yellow parent corn ear
  d.16 blue wet erase markers   e.16 black wet erase markers
  f.Instruction booklet

The Life and Times of Corn The Art of American Indian Cooking
Corn Corn is Maize

Wall Chart: Plant Leaf Wall Chart: Plant Stem
Wall Chart: Plant Root Indian Corn of the Americas, poster
Corn Seed Model Corn Husk Doll
Corn Mural Mano (handtool)
Metate (grinding stone) Farming Game Kids
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