Dynamic Earth Science Box Contents

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Unlabeled Volcanic Rocks (10) Andesite (2)
Basalt Basalt with Graphite
Basaltic Lava Serpentine Plug
Hydothermal deposits: Geyserite (2) Obsidian
Olivine Basalt Pahoehoe
Phonolite Pumice
Rhyolite Scoria (2)
Tefra Vesicular Basalt
Volcanic Bomb Breccia
Horneblende Basalt Porphyry Granite (2)
Gabbo Aa
Dunite Syneite

Resource Guide to Earth Science The Edge of Fire

Fault Model Tectonicube
Earth's Crust Poster GMNH Articles Notebook
GMNH Educational Supplement Notebook


Volcano Video by National Geographic Eyewitness Video: Volcano

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