Fish Science Box Contents

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Atlantic Stingray Atlantic Sharpnose Shark
Skate egg cases American Brook Lampray
Atlantic Bumper Atlantic Cutlass Fish
Bluefish Gafftopsail Catfish
Leopard Toadfish Parrotfish
Trunkfish Yellowfish Damselfish
Goldfish Juvenile fish of various species
Gafftopsail catfish skull & gills Spot skull, gills, & grinding plates
Sea Catfish skull Gar skull
Planehead Filefish skull & skeleton Bowfin skull
Codfish skull Perch skull
Atlantic Cutlass fish skull & skeleton Sunfish skull & skeleton
Shark scales Striped Bass scales
Spotted Gar scales Striped Bass scales
Spotted Gar scales Common Carp scales
Gafftopsail Catfish scaleless skin Tarpon scales
Porcupine fish dental plate Spotted Eagle Ray dental plate
Parrotfish dental plate Sheepshead jaws & teeth
Wrass jaws & teeth Mako Shark jaws & teeth
Codfish otoliths Swim Bladder

Freshwater Fish Common Freshwater Sportfish of the SE
Fish by Eyewitness Books Fishes of the N. Atlantic Coloring Book
Golden Guide to Fishes

Right Before Your Eyes Posters   a. Weightless
  b. Breathe Deeply   c. On Guard
  d. Open Wide   e. Grow, Grow, Grow
Upstream by Leaps & Bounds poster That's a Moray poster
Creatures form a Watery World GMNH Fish Articles Notebook
GMNH Educational Supplement Notebook

Anchovies Bandtail Puffer
Blennie Lines Seahorse
Lookdown Northern Searobin
Needlefish Ocellated Flounder
Pipefish Planehead Filefish
Spot Toungefish
Wrass Identification Cards (13)
GMNH Activity Folder

Fish Video by AIMS

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