Fossils Science Box Contents

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Fossil shell (3) Fossil shell
Cast of clam interior Mold of snail shell
Fossil shell Shrimp Burrow-Trace fossil
Fossil Tooth-Giant White Shark Crocodile skin scale (2)
Turtle scutes (4) Fish skeleton
Turtle scutes (2) Horse tooth
Horse tooth Mammoth tooth
Titanothere tooth Mastadon tooth fragment
Oreodont tooth Mammal grinding molar
Mammal grinding molar Mammal shearing carnassiae
Reptile tooth Deer-like mammal tooth
Marine mammal tooth Marine mammal tooth
Mammal incisor tooth Deer: long bones, jaw, tooth
Bone that has been replaced Toe & vertebrae bone
Deer: long & antler bone Whale ear
Assorted bone fragments (3) Toe bone
Rhinoceroses jaw, teeth Bone fragments (mineralized)
Bone fragments (mineralized) End of long bone
Cast of bison-like mammal's jaw with teeth Various shark teeth
Fish vertebrae, dental plates of ray, lower fish jaw

Fossils Fossil Vertebrates
Dinosaur Hunters How & Why Activity: Dinosaurs
Illustrated Fossils of the Ga. Coastal Plain Prehistoric Vertebrates of the Ga. Coastal Plain

Fossil Glutton Fossil Collection Laws of GA
GMNH Educational Supplement Notebook



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