Habitats of Georgia Science Box Contents

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Alligator Head White Pine Tree Cookies (3)
Red Pine Tree Cookies (3) Walnut Tree Cookies
Ash Tree Cookies Red Oak Tree Cookies
Basswood Tree Cookies Turtle
Beaver Skull Alligator Foot
Flying Squirrel skin Snake
Bird Crab
Flounder Sand Dollar & Hermit Crab
Anchovie Squid
Loblolly pine cone White pine cone
Raptor Feet Mouse skull
Cricket frog Chorus frog
Coastal Plain crayfish Piedmont crayfish
Mountain crayfish Fox Skull
Mussell shells   a. 3-horned wartback (Mtns)
  b. Lance (Piedmont)   c. Altahama (Coastal)
Longleaf Pine Cone NY Fern
Bracken Fern White Pine
Virginian Pine Mountain Laurel
Galax Rosebay Rhododendron
Basswood Tulip Poplar or Tuliptree
River Birch Loblolly Pine
Shortleaf Pine Boxelder
Persimmon Pecan
White Oak Saw Palmetto
Spanish Moss Water Oak
American Elm Longleaf Pine
Post Oak American Hornbeam or Ironwood
Overcup Oak Bald Cypress
Longleaf Pine Cone

Trees of Georgia (4) Eyewitness Book: Tree
Eastern Trees Guide First Guide to Trees (1)
First Guide To Wildflowers (5) Forests Coloring Book
Turtle at Long Pond Flutes Journey
Once There Was A Tree End. Animals & Plants of GA.
Crinklefoots Guide to Habitats The Curious Naturalist
Who Really Killed Cock Robin (3) The Lorax
The First Guide to Urban Wildlife (5)

Habitat Game Food Chain Nature Chart
Forest Habitat Nature Chart Wetland Habitat Nature Chart
Leaf & Track Molds


Eyewitness Video: Trees Eyewitness Video: Ponds & Rivers
Remnants of a Forest The Edge of Extinction

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