Insects Science Box Contents

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Mosquito Damselfly
Kissing Bug Horsefly
Cockroach Orb Weaver Spider
Honeybee life history Monarch life history
Metamorphosis mount Aquatic insect collection
Paper wasp nests Mud dauber nests
Arachnid types Jar of ten spiders
Riker mount of insect orders

Peterson Field Guide: Insects Peterson Field Guide: Beetles
Peterson First Guides: Insects (8) Guide To Observing Land Insects
Beetles Water Insects
The Complete Cockroach Entomology
Insects and Spiders Family Butterfly Book
The Bug Scientists Bugs Before Time
Insectlopedia Bugs!
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Janice Van Cleave's Insects & Spiders

Ready reference sheets: Insects (12) Monarch Game
Sample Monarch flip book Educator's Guide
Insect poster and study guide How Insects See set


Eyewitness Video: Insects MicroCosmos (video)

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