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Natural History Building
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-1882
Phone: (706) 542-1663
Fax: (706) 542-3920
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Phone: (706) 542-0464
Castleberry, N.
Asst. Curator of Vertebrate Collections, Mammalogy, Ornithology, and Herpetology Collection

Crowe, D. E. (Dr.)
Professor, Economic Geology Collection
(706) 542-2382

Freeman, B. J. (Dr.)
(706) 583-0251

Garrison, E. G. (Dr.)
Professor, Anthropology/Geology
(706) 542-1097

Giannasi, D.E. (Dr.)
Retired Professor, Plant Biology (Herbarium)
(706) 542-1819

Hanlin, R.T. (Dr.)
Curator of the Mycological Herbarium
(706) 542-1280

Hoebeke, R.
Associate Curator, Collection of Arthropods
(706) 542-5572

Kowalewski, S. (Dr.)
Professor, Anthropology
(706) 542-1462

Leissner, K. D.
Administrative Assistant
(706) 542-1663

McHugh, J. V. (Dr.)
Professor, Collection of Arthropods
(706) 542-3574

Reitz, E. J.(Dr.)
Professor, Zooarchaeology Laboratory
(706) 542-1464

Roberts-Thompson, A.
Manager, Laboratory of Archaeology

Schroeder, P. A. (Dr.)
Professor, Mineralogy Collection
(706) 542-2384

Smith, C. (Dr.)
Associate Curator, Collection of Arthropods
(706) 542-2407

Walker, S. (Dr.)
Professor, Paleontology Collection
(706) 542-2396

Williams, J. M. (Dr.)
Senior Academic Professional, Archaeology Laboratory
(706) 542-8737

Zomlefer, W. B. (Dr.)
Associate Professor, Plant Biology (Herbarium)
(706) 583-0389

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