Museum Loan Policy

It is the policy of the Georgia Museum of Natural History to make loans upon request to another agency or institution's faculty or staff. Loans are not normally made to individuals. Loans may be made to students enrolled in a University of Georgia course, in which case the professor of the course assumes responsibility for the specimens. Students from another institution must make arrangements to have their requests originate from a permanent faculty member of their institution. Loans are made for a period of 6 months (unless otherwise noted). Requests for a loan extension must be made in writing before the loan is due back. No preparation, casting, sampling, or other modification of specimens is allowed without specific written permission.

Loan requests may be sent by US mail, FAX, or email to the appropriate personnel. Faculty and staff will do their best to deal with loan requests in a timely fashion.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse a loan of any specimens.

your name, position or title, your institution's name and mailing address, e-mail, telephone, and FAX number.

Please include the taxon and taxonomic name(s) requested, the geographic region and/or specific locality of material desired, and any special requests you have.

Requests for loans should be directed to the following personnel.

Arthropods (Insects)
Hoebeke, R.
(706) 542-5572

Arthropods (Insects)
Smith, C. (Dr.)
(706) 542-2407

Economic Geology
Crowe, D. E. (Dr.)
(706) 542-2382

Schroeder, P. A. (Dr.)
(706) 542-2384

Herbarium, Botany Department
Zomlefer, W. B. (Dr.)
(706) 583-0389

Herpetology (Reptiles and Amphibians)
Ornithology (Birds)

Castleberry, N.

Ichthyology (Fish)
No Current Manager

Invertebrate (Non-insects)
No Current Manager

Mycology (Mushrooms / Fungi)
Hanlin, R.T. (Dr.)
(706) 542-1280

Walker, S. (Dr.)
(706) 542-2396

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